International Visitors Station

A Division of BRAIX Corporation, Osaka, Japan

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Considering the serious situation over the Corona Virus, we have decided not to fix the grand opening day for the time being.
We would like to ask our clients and guest for understanding on our decision.
The new opening date will be announce by this site as soon as the date is fixed.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We will shortly open the IVS office at Namba in the heart of the Osaka.
Only a 5-minutes walk from Nankai-Namba Station.
As soon as we fix the office opening date, we will announce it hereby.

For Corporates


For Corporates


We will serve the international visitors in Japan; Travelers and Residents. We will provide practical and valued information and advice so that the international visitors can enjoy their traveling and life. We will make our possible contribution to good relationship between the international visitors and the Japanese society.
Friendly Japanese and foreign staff members correspond. Staff members speak in English and other foreign languages. And you will feel comfortable and relaxed in easy communication.
Electronic Displays and Pictures in English and other languages . Various kind of Leaflets and Free Coupons are available.
Unique Drinks including Shochu, Fruits and foods in season at local area, Souvenirs produced in Local Kyushu are available.

Introducing featured natures, secret scenery in Japan. Amazing Hot Springs, Variety of Waterfalls, Steep Valleys, Volcanic Mountains, Rough Mounty Rivers、Mysterious Lakes.  Try and explore the deep japan in provincial and secluded district in Japan.
Information available for Economical Local Transportation, Ferries, Trains, and Accommodation including Rhokans, Inns, Hotels.
Specialties and souvenirs in Local Japan. 
Information and Coupons for Specialized Restaurants.

Free General Information available. You may make appointments in advance with our Reliable Law Specialists with reasonable costs.
General Information and Consultation on Immigration. IVS is a division of BRAIX Corporation, which is the “REGISTERED SUPPORT ORGANIZATION” authorized by Immigration Services Agency of Japan.
Information and advice for your works. You can see the companies profiles in English. They are looking for the foreign workers and staff members. (Legal Working Visa and Permission are crucial and obligatory.)
Information on advice on your life problems in Japan. We may be able to advise you of the better solution and means.
You can find the latest information on Regulations or Law for Immigration/Labor
Information on Schools, Colleges, Universities for foreign students. It is important to get good information about the schools, if you want to study or start school life in Japan.

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*IVS is a division of BRAIX Corporation, Osaka, Japan.
Division Name: IVS (International Visitors Station)
Address: Namba-naka 3-3-3, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka-City, Japan
Capital Paid:JapaneseYen 20,000,000.-(BRAIX Corporation)
TEL: 06-6695-7340
President: TAKENOSHITA Isami
Established Date of the Division: December, 2019
Working Hours: 10:00-17:00 ( Except: Sunday, National Holidays )
*You may accept appointments in advance even if for our holidays.

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